How can I introduce electrification and
leverage rebates and credits?

Infrastructure Credits

Infrastructure Credits

Discover everything you need to know about fuel economy with www.fueleconomy.gov. From finding fuel-efficient vehicles to saving money on fuel costs, our site offers tips and resources to help you make informed decisions. Learn about tax incentives for advanced cars, access EPA ratings and sample labels, and find out how vehicles are tested. Let us guide you towards a more efficient and sustainable future.

Charger Credits

Explore the world of alternative fuels and vehicles with the Alternative Fuels Data Center website. Discover information on biodiesel, electricity, natural gas, and more in the fuels and vehicles section. Stay up to date on federal and state laws and incentives in the laws and incentives section. Access interactive maps and data on alternative fueling stations and more in the maps and data section. Learn from successful alternative fuel projects in the case studies section and find reports and resources in the publications section. Use calculators and other tools to make informed decisions about alternative fuels and vehicles in the tools section. Join us in reducing dependence on fossil fuels and improving air quality.
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Solar Credits

Discover the power of solar energy with the Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) website. Our mission is to promote solar energy in the United States, and we offer a wide range of resources for consumers, government officials, job seekers, and professionals. Explore solar energy research areas, funding opportunities, and how solar energy works. Find a database of solar energy research and learn about the federal tax credit for residential solar photovoltaics. This tax credit provides a dollar-for-dollar reduction in income tax owed and can be claimed for a percentage of the cost of a solar PV system. Visit our site to learn how to claim the tax credit and access frequently asked questions. Join us in harnessing the power of the sun.