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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ for Fleet Manager Clients

OpConnect offers a comprehensive range of services for fleet electrification. This includes planning, installation, a variety of charging station options, advanced energy management software, and charging-as-a-service business plans. We also provide maintenance plans with performance guarantees to ensure the uptime of your electric fleet.
OPaaS is a service that minimizes the upfront payment required for charging infrastructure. It includes the cost of the chargers, software, installation, maintenance, and operating fees in one monthly payment plan. The plan terms are available for 3 or 5 years and include software and planned equipment upgrades.
OpConnect provides EV charging solutions for various types of vehicles including passenger cars, school buses, medium-duty trucks, shuttles, buses, transit buses, and heavy-duty trucks. We offer a range of Level 2 and DC fast charging solutions to meet any fleet manager’s needs.
Our advanced software features minimize the costs of implementing and operating EVs. It includes load management to allow for the installation of more charging stations without the need for costly infrastructure upgrades, integration with fleet management software for optimal planning and data tracking, and automated delivery of reports required for grant or utility program compliance.

FAQ for Multi-Family Unit Dwelling Clients

OpConnect offers two options for multi-unit dwellings. The first option is shared chargers for the entire multi-unit community, which is best for apartments. The second option allows tenants to own their own charger in their own parking space, which is ideal for condos.
OpConnect’s program is a planned and scalable system that protects the electrical system in your building. All of the chargers are energy managed to ensure that the load from the EV charging in your building does not exceed the available power and cause breaker trips and costly electrician visits.

OpConnect uses our exclusive open charge point protocol (OCPP) connected ClipperCreek HCS series charger. It’s available in either a 40A, 50A, 60A, 80A, or 100A power setting. The charger has a built-in ground fault detection, surge protection, and a user interface with status indicator LEDs and a smartphone app.

The payment system for OpConnect’s chargers is through the OpConnect mobile app. The service plan covers warranty labor, annual maintenance, and on-site troubleshooting with specified response times.
You can contact us at sales@opconnect.com or call us at (503) 998-1006 for more information or to discuss installing at your apartment or condo.