Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes what data OpConnect, Inc (“OpConnect”) collects from users, who we share it with, how we used it, how long it is stored, your rights to retrieve the data, and how to raise a complaint with OpConnect.
In order to enable you to register to receive electric vehicle (EV) charging services from OpConnect, we collect and store your name, mailing address (so that we can send you an OpConnect card and distinguish you from another customer that might have used the same name), your phone number (so that we can send you text alerts when your EV is done charging if you opt in to receive them), your email (so that we can send you end of charging messages and communications about your account or our services), your vehicle make, model and production year (so that we will know what type of EV you’re driving if you experience issues and so that we can determine if certain makes, models or model years of EVs are experiencing issues with our charging services), a password that you create when you create an account (so that you can log on), a PIN that you set up when you create an account (so that you can access a charger using your email or phone and this PIN), and your credit card number, billing address and CCV number (so that we can collect payment for delivering you EV charging services). When you create your account, you can select whether you want to get a text and/or an email notification when your EV has completed charging. You can change this at any time by logging into your account at www.opconnect.com.
When you use our EV charging services, we store the identifier of the charger that was used, the start and stop times for the charging session, how much energy you received throughout the session and how much you were charged for the session. We store your identity information (which is your name, address, phone number, email, password, PIN, and the make, model and production year of your EV) in an encrypted database. Currently, this information is stored indefinitely. This policy will be updated if that is changed. We also store the data for each of your charging sessions indefinitely. This policy will be updated if that is changed. Your credit card number and CCV number are not stored by OpConnect. When you enter a credit card number and CCV account during account creation or when updating your profile, we send that information to our credit card processing agency and they send us back a code that is only matched to your card number on their databases, and we store that code so that we can use it to process future transactions from you. We don’t retain the original credit card number or CCV code (and we have no means to use the code that the credit card processing agency gave us to get your credit card number) but we do retain the last 4 digits of the card because we have found that it helps to research billing questions if you call or email us with one.
When you use our mobile app, we have to access your GPS location to show you the location of the EV chargers around you and provide directions to them. We don’t store your GPS location in our app. When you use our web site, we also access your location through your browser to show you the location of EV chargers around you. We don’t store your location through the use of cookies or any other means. You can mark certain EV chargers as your favorites, and we will store those favorites in your data. They are stored until you remove them from your favorites. We don’t keep track of your past favorites. If you select the Remember Me option in our app, the app will use a cookie to remember your identity so that you don’t have to log in each time you want to use the app to access our charging services. We don’t try to track your activities on any web sites outside of ours by using cookies or any other means.
We do not share your identity information with any third parties. The owners of individual charging sessions can view reports of the charging activities of their chargers, but those reports do not include customer identify information, only a numerical customer number. This allows the station owners to know if they have a regular user, but not who that user is. They see a report that has an entry for each charging session that shows the start and stop times, the energy that was delivered throughout the session, how much money their charger collected for the session, the numerical customer number, how the session was authorized (did the customer use an OpConnect card, the charger touchscreen if it had one, or our app).
We send out newsletters to our customers that tells you about new features, new charger locations, promotions or similar announcements. We use the email addresses from our customer database to send out the newsletters. We use a tool called Campaign Monitor to do send out the newsletters. Their website is (https://www.campaignmonitor.com/). When you get one of these newsletters, there is an unsubscribe link included in the newsletter. Clicking on this will opt you out of future newsletters. We also do surveys sometimes to learn about how customers are using the chargers and what they want out of their charging services, and we include links to the survey in a newsletter. We use Survey Monkey for our surveys and their web site is (https://www.surveymonkey.com/). If you don’t want to take a survey, don’t click on the link in the newsletter.
You can see your identity information and the information that we have stored for all of your charging sessions at any time by logging into your account on our web site, or viewing it on our mobile app. If you have a complaint about how we are capturing or using your information, you can reach us at support@opconnect.com or at (855) 885-9571.